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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Using the Weather to Help Me Protective Style

I am sitting here under my heat cap deep conditioning my hair. I took my cornrows down today and thought that it would be cool if I straighten my hair since I don't really wear my hair ever. Then I saw the news..


I swear that is one of the drawbacks to living in the South. Just hot for no reason. Anyway, that shut that whole hair straightening thing down real quick. My hair is going into a phony pony and that's gonna be that.

This whole episode made me think of something. Ever since I got serious about protective styling, I have been using the weather to my advantage. Let me elaborate. My hair started grazing SL in the winter and began wearing protective styles like a freaking maniac. My logic was "it's cold. the cold may dry out my ends. my ends will break off. perpetual SL" Now of course, this is my scary thinking but the point is that I'm using the weather to help me do what is right for my hair. Even now, my hair is up because I think it's too hot to keep it down.

Well, those are just my musings as I sit under this heat cap. My hair is growing and retaining quite nicely and shrinkage is ridiculous. Otherwise, I'm pretty pleased with my hair and ready to do a real length check once I relax.

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