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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Year 3: A Reflection

March 2011 marks my 3rd year of my healthy hair journey. To say that this journey has been nothing but amazing would be an understatement. I've watched my hair grow to the longest length it has ever been and I'm finding myself to be the go-to person amongst my family and friends for hair care.

This was not my initial goal. Way back in 2008, I just wanted a solution for my dry hair and a way to keep my hair from breaking so much. Back then, I couldn't imagine my hair getting close to BSL, but yet here I am. :)

Looking back, I've learned so much but I admit that I don't know everything. I've never had hair this long so that comes with a new set of rules for maintenance. This summer, I'm learning how to make it through w/o braids. Shoot, I'm still learning what products work and when.

However, I am excited what the next year will bring and to see if I will reach my ultimate goal of MBL (anything beyond that would be too much for me to care for). Thank all of you for taking this journey with me. Hopefully my experiences, have been of help to you in your journey. :)

Happy Tuesday you guys!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Weekend's Here! What are you doing to your hair?

After a long and productive work/school week, it's finally the weekend! I don't know about you but for me, the weekend signals that it's time for my weekly hair ritual. During the weekend, I take time to wash, DC, and style my hair. It's usually a very soothing and relaxing time for me. Almost therapeutic in a way.

This weekend, it is supposed to do nothing but rain in Birmingham so it is the ideal weekend to do hair. I'm not gonna want to go anywhere because it'll be icky out. As usual, I will wash my hair with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo and DC with with Aubrey Organics GPB or with Aubrey Organics White Camellia.

However, instead of straightening my hair, I'm gonna start building up my summer style portfolio. This will probably be the first summer in a long time where I'm not in braids and as much as I love buns, I'll probably get tired of them by the time July rolls around.

This weekend will be devoted to bantu knot outs. I've wore bantu knot outs before but it has been AGES since I've worn them. They provide a nice versatile curly style that is very summer-ish.

Check out the vids below to recreate bantu knot outs of your own! One is from Macherie from Healthy Textures (isn't her hair just gorgeous!!)

The second is from crownofhisglory. It's a very short and to the point tutorial but essentially this is what I do for bantu knots. I usually put them in while I'm in front of the tv or something. tell me, what are your hair plans for the weekend?

Call Me Crazy But.....

I think I'm gonna extend my stretch by 4 weeks. I'll be 12 weeks post on Tuesday and I just don't feel the need to relax just yet. My new growth isn't particularly unruly and I'm wearing loose buns the majority of the time anyway. I'm gonna push it to 16 weeks (which will put me at 4 months post).

Gonna keep you guys posted! :)

Guess Who's Back!

Hey everyone! I'm back with another post!

Well I have to tell you that I took the tree braids out 2 weeks ago. They were starting to wreak havoc on my edges. I'm glad I took them out when I did though..I was starting to get buildup galore on my edges. After going through all that, I think tree braids would be the last braid style that I would recommend to anybody. If you have to get braids, get kinky twists.

I also did a my first length check of the year. I'm slowly getting to BSL. However, I wonder if my bra strap is actually where MBL is. Anyway, let's take a look at the progress from December to March. The top photo is is the most recent photo while the bottom one is my update from December.

You can see my hair starting to even out a bit which is great. I can't wait until I reach my final goal of MBL. Maybe I can get there by the end of this year. Who knows? :)