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Monday, November 1, 2010

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control

Man....this stuff is like wax in a jar but it keeps ya edges slicked ALL THE WAY DOWN!

So I basically tried this stuff on a whim. Just to check it out since gel has been hit or miss with my edges. I was in Wally World and behold! This stuff was sitting there just asking me to purchase it. I believe I paid around $6-$7 for it. This stuff claims to have no alcohol (and it doesn't according to the ingredients) and it's non-greasy. It also contains wheat protein, glycerin, and aloe vera.

When I first opened the jar, the product looked like clear wax and it has the consistency of wax. I don't know how something that has a waxy consistency can be non greasy but ok. I applied a little bit of the product ( I used just enough to cover the tip of my pointer finger) to my edges. When I tell you that my edges laid down and stayed that way all day!!! ORS may be on to something with this stuff. A word of advice though: a little definitely goes a long way. Don't use too much or you will shellac you hair to you scalp.....and that's not a good thing.

So far, I love this product. I use it when I have all my hair brushed back (bangs included). Definitely keeps hair in one place!


  1. Uh oh... the PJ in me is ready to run to WalMart and pick some up!!!! BUT I think it might be worth it because eco-styler can only do but so much with these edges of mine!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I have been curious about this stuff. Have you noticed any significant buildup? Thanks for the review, may have to go pick some up!

  3. @Age in ATL I have noticed buildup with this product when I put a ton of it on (I did that on accident one day and was mad at myself the whole day). My edges felt really really hard and didn't move for days. That's why I said with this product you definitely have to use a little bit of this product.

    @love.akihsoy No problem!! You should definitely check it out! It felt nice to slick my hair back without having to find creative ways to hold my edges down!

  4. Thanks for the heads up! FYI for anyone wanting to try it, Sally has it on sale for $4.00!

  5. I just purchased this product today @ my local CVS on the recommendation of the folks at The Coarse Hair Diary. I am very impressed.