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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Detangling? Yeah It's Important.

The other title for this post is Wash Day: 11/13/11.

I learned something that I should have been known this wash day. I learned that you cannot half a** detangling! Not when you have a regimen where you aren't manipulating your hair much and you have all this shed hair with nowhere to go. Shed hair mats. Shed hair tangles. And all that equals no fun for me SMH.

I have to admit. My wig regimen is pretty low key. I wash, DC, and plait my hair. That is it!! However, I'm not gonna lie and say that I haven't been a little lazy with the regimen. Maybe I don't comb my hair like I should because it's going underneath a wig. And maybe I don't distribute product (moisturizers,leave-ins) like I should because it's not like I'm putting heat on it. Today, however, was a big wake up call for me. There is nothing like having your hair rebel b/c you've been effing up somehow.

This wash day started like any other wash day (albeit, I was incredibly lazy with it. I DCed my hair for 8hrs because I didn't feel like washing it out. Yes. That lazy). I did a hot oil treatment with Jamaican Black Castor oil and washed with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo. The trouble began after I applied my DC (currently using Silicon Mix b/c I have been too lazy to trek out to Whole Foods). Usually, after I apply my DC, I detangle run a comb through my hair so that I can distribute the product and detangle my hair. Today, however, as I was combing my hair I ran into this HUGE monster knot in my hair!!! I had to sit and slowly work it out ( I didn't want to rip my hair out after all). Once I had successfully removed said knot, I thought that was the end of it. I thought my hair was cool. WRONG!!! I had 2 more knots to work out of my hair as I was washing the DC out!! So I really got to work detangling my hair and let me tell you, so much shed hair came out! My hair is fine and tangle free now but I was kicking myself for not being as thorough as I should be given my current style regimen.

So let this be a lesson: doing the bare minimum may seem like a good idea at the time but you'll pay for it. You're definitely going to pay for it.

On another note, I did something like a length check and found that my longest length is past bra-strap!! This makes me anxious for my end of year length check!! I plan on getting my hair straightened for the Christmas holidays and I cannot wait!! Using half wigs as a protective style has been so beneficial to my hair. I know for sure that my hair thrives more when I'm not doing much to it! :)


  1. GIRL I know what you mean..Early in my HHJ I tried to use the 'no manipulation' method during stretching..I washed my hair, half detangled and threw it in a bun. I didn't touch it until a week later..DEAR NEPTUNE! I took my bun down and started screaming. I had DRED LOCS. For real DRED LOCS..It took me hours, TONS of conditioner, and a lot of crying/snotting to get those suckers out. I am by NO means tender-headed, but DANG!!! I learned two very important things that day. The famous HHJ adage that 'what works for one, may not work for all' and that my shedded hair MUST be removed every 2 days.

  2. lol @ dear neptune

    I know that must have been a terrible detangling session! We must have similar hair where you can leave it alone but leave it alone for too long and that's a problem lol. I definitely know now that I have to thoroughly remove all of my shed hair at least on a weekly basis.

    What a way to learn that lesson....