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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bun Look Of The Week/Bun Idea # 2: Southern Tease Bun

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!

I am back with a post that I have been meaning to post all week! This week I am rocking the Southern Tease bun (I posted a link to the vid in my last post). I think it is a perfect bun to do if you don't want to always have to use hair ties for bunning or just to simply give your hair a break.

Typically, I prefer to do a Southern Tease bun on air dried hair. I just find that, for me, air drying my hair for this bun results in a fuller bun with more texture. However, this bun can be done on straight hair ( I just don't like doing it on straight hair b/c those buns wind up looking scraggly, sad and sorry. It's kinda discouraging and it makes you NOT want to bun....ever.). Anyway, here are a few shots of my Southern Tease bun:


  1. I love that bun too! Its amazing because the person in the orig tut only has about SL hair. I didn't really care for it until I reached APL (sadly I'm still I'm gonna start bunning next week after my flexi set dies a slow

    1. Lol I agree!! I tried doing that bun when I was SL and it was a sad sad little bun lol. I totally forgot to post what lengths are good for this bun. D'oh!