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Friday, May 18, 2012

Bun Look of the Week/ Bun Idea #7: Double Twist Bun

Happy Friday lovelies!!!

TGIF!!! I hope all of you are having an excellent Friday. It has been a long week and it is time to cut loose! Wooooo! : celebratory wops:

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by with the bun look I have been rocking this week. I was partly inspired by Whitley Gilbert's hair in 'A Different World' (don't judge me. I've been watching it every day this week. See the vid clip here) and my mom. My mom was in the military so she was protective styling before I even knew to call it that. The style that I'm wearing is something that she would wear quite a bit.

The double twist bun is a super easy and super summery bun to wear. It doesn't require you to flat twist your hair or anything like that. You just...twist it. Not the most descriptive term I know but that's what it is! Basically, you part your hair (straight down the middle, slanted...whatever) so that you have 2 sections of hair. You then take a hair tie and tie up one of the sections so that it's out of the way. Next, you twist the hair that is left out. When you're done twisting, you put that hair up into a bun (secure it with bobby pins). Once that's done, you then twist the other side of the hair. When you're done twisting, you wrap the hair around the existing bun, secure with bobby pins, and boom! You're done! Now if that sounds a little too complicated, there is an excellent tutorial on the CuteGirlsHairstyles page on Youtube. You can see the vid here

I think this would be a great hairstyle for those who are SL and beyond. I also prefer to do this style on wet hair. I just think it looks more put together that way. However, it can most certainly be done on dry hair as well.

Check it out!


  1. When you said Whitley Gilbert, I completely got it, lol!!! Your edges are so unbelievably slick, I'm super jealous!

    1. LOL it is a style that is so undeniably Whitley Gilbert (especially in the later seasons)! I love it though! :)

      Girl, my edges got that slick w/ the Curls Paste I did a review on awhile back. That stuff is magic in a jar!