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Monday, September 3, 2012

What Am I Doing With My Hair Nowadays?

Shoot, what am I doing with my hair these days?

Well, I have not relaxed my hair since May and am currently around 17 weeks post or so. I don't have any plans to relax my hair soon. It's still pretty warm around these parts and I don't see the point in relaxing right now if I'm only going to bun and not wear it out. When I relax, I want to wear my hair out and have it flowing in breeze...I guess it ain't time for that right now. Don't fret though. I will relax before the year is out.

I'm pretty much leaving my hair alone. I wash it and DC once a week and I recently started keeping my hair braided while wigging it up again! For awhile, I was rocking Outre Yasmine. However, I got really tired of trying to blend my hair with it. It got to be too much work. I didn't want to flat iron then curl my hair every single day nor did I want to rock a headband every day. Soooooo....I tiptoed my way over into full wigs. My first full wig is FreeTress Bali Girl. Although I will be doing a full review of her, let me say that I love this wig! I think it's a great will for those experimenting with full wigs for the first time. Check it out:

Cute, huh? I will be wigging it up until I relax (which may be in late October/early November time frame). At that point, I will show you guys a length check and we can all see my progress for 2012!

(A Somewhat Late) Sunday Chat: Natural Hair Product Explosion--Is It Good or Bad?

Yes I know.

It's not Sunday.

Let me explain. For the holiday weekend, my family converged on my grandparents house in SC (which was great fun!). My grandparents live in the country and while they do have internet, they have dial yeah. Y'all see what happened with that lol.

Now that I'm back in B'ham, I can post what I wanted to chat about. I was in the BSS a few days ago and I noticed a SLEW of products now geared toward natural haired ladies. Organic Root Stimulator has the Curls Unleashed line, Motions as well as Dr Miracles (which is a terrible line in general so why they are expanding into the natural line of things is beyond me) have their natural lines. I also stumbled upon a new line called As I Am (which seems like an interesting line). I know I'm probably missing a few but the point is, there are a lot more mainstream products geared toward natural ladies now than there were a few years ago.

On the surface, this seems like a great thing. I love how there are now more mainstream products that are readily accessible (meaning that you can swing by your local CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart,etc and grab a product). This also gives more variety in product and (in my opinion) it makes going natural an option for some folks because they can actually see the products geared for their hair (I've gotten the side eye IRL for mentioning a product I ordered yeah) and going natural becomes that much more feasible.


A thought crossed my mind as I bought that $15 bottle of As I Am moisturizer, what if this product explosion is NOT a good thing? A lot of these newer natural hair care line cost quite a bit of money (A jar of As I Am moisturizer was $25, the Curls Unleashed line has products that start at around $14) yet their ingredients don't justify the cost. I have no problem dropping money for lines like Qhemet Biologics, Darcy's Botanicals, Hairveda, and the like because their products are all natural and to make them does cost a bit. I have a problem with spending a lot of money on a product that is mostly filler. That product probably cost $2 to make and you want to charge me $20+ for it!? Get out of here. To me, that screams that these companies are trying to jump onto a trend. There are a lot of black women who are natural or who are starting to go natural and these companies are trying to capitalize off that. Therefore, it is entirely possible that they are pushing a crap product in order to increase their bottom line.

While the growth of natural hair products makes me happy, it worries me at the same time. What do you think about this natural hair care product explosion? Is it good or is it bad?