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Monday, June 10, 2013

My June Product Purchases: Moisture All Around!!

So I wouldn't call this a haul because let's face it, it's a pretty measly haul. However, I wanted to give yall a glimpse into the products that I have purchased this month.

With summer fast approaching, I am all about taking advantage of this sauna that is Birmingham, AL. Summer around here is pretty humid and I want my hair to take advantage of that sweet, humidity laden, goodness. While I am all about making sure I keep protein firmly in my regimen so that I don't fall off into the moisture deep end, I also have to ensure that I don't go too far into the protein side.

So enter the moisture!

Every product I have purchased this month is all about moisture. I have conditioners that are perfect for co-washing and pre-pooing (moisture based and silicone free) and products that have humectants (so that they will pull moisture from the environment to my head of hair). I am so excited about trying them and I am anxious to see what effect they have on my hair. This isn't a review or anything--it's just the products I am trying for the month of Jun and what I plan to use them for.

1)Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple Conditioner:
I plan to use this for pre-pooing and co-washing. I love that it is silicone free so that whatever benefits I get from this conditioner are real and not just the result of some random silicone coating my hair. Unfortunately, I lucked up on this product so the chances of it becoming a staple are slim to none.

2)Bee Mine Juicy Spritz: I plan to use this to give my hair some daily moisture. This spray is chock full of good stuff and I think that my hair will respond nicely to it. My hair already likes Bee Mine Luxurious Balancing Moisturizer.

3) Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave In: An oldie but goodie. A staple of mine that I haven't purchased in AGES. I love it as a leave in and I love using it to give my hair a boost of moisture. My hair seems to respond to it better in the summer time. If I get box braids, this will be my braid spray.

4) Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner: Another pre-poo and cowash item. All the rave on the hair boards and I'm ready to give it a go.

There you have it. These are my purchases for the month of June. What have you bought (or are planning to buy)>


  1. It's winter my side of the planet, and it sucks. It is quite cold already and it is a very dry kind of cold, the kind that bites into your very bones. It also isn't great regarding haircare. Who wants to spend 3-5 hours washing your hair when it's so dang cold out? And we don't have such a thing as central heating out here. So, my big plan regarding my regimen during these winter months is also to keep the moisture intake high, but less so regarding product purchases and more so regarding practices like low manipulation and baggying my ends on a regular basis. I do wish though that I had access to some of the same products as the American ladies, specifically the Suave and Moisture Milks ranges of conditioners. I always feel a little pang when I read about products hauls like yours, lol.

    1. Aw man! I definitely sympathize w/ you! I know all about the dry sort of cold (I grew up as a military brat and lived in Alaska for a bit). It sounds like you have a good plan in place though.

      It sucks that you can't get the Suave and VO5 products. I would suggest ordering them online but I think just the cost of shipping would cancel out the fact that they are supposed to be cheapie conditioners. :/

  2. Well I'm not supposed to be buying anything hair related, however I've been eying the Tressemme naturals conditioner for a while now! It might become a purchase in July!

  3. Nice moisturizing mini haul! For some reason last year, I bought a million bottles of VO5 Strawberries & Cream Moisture Milk. It was great for cowashing. I just realized that I'm finally out. I can't wait to see your review on Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner. I might throw it into rotation this summer too!

  4. I LOVE the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and JC leave in. In fact I just re-upped on the Bee Mine for the summer also.