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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Chat: (Some) Protective Styles Ain't for Everybody

Happy Sunday lovelies!

Wow! A lot of time has gone by since I last posted anything! I guess when I have braids in, I don't have too many things to talk about hair-wise. Either way, this past weekend I had to take those box braids out. My hair was starting to dread...and that was a problem. So I took the braids out and will be rocking my Outre Tammy half wig until I figure out what to do next (meaning: do I want to put in Havana twists OR just go ahead and relax since I'm due for one).

After I took my braids out and gave my hair a good detangling and wash session, I did a bootleg length check (I grabbed a section of my hair to see where it falls vs actually taking the time and effort to straighten my hair). To my surprise, it looks like my hair is at MBL! I can't lie, I got excited. I have been trying to get to that length for over a year. Of course, we will see where my hair is once I do a proper length check but it is definitely something to be excited about.

Anyway, after seeing the retention I obtained with the box braids, I got to thinking. During the course of my hair journey, I have always obtained the best retention with braids while half wigs/phony ponies are a close second in the retention game. Buns, however, come in at dead last. I mean I do get retention but not as much as I do when I'm leaving my hair alone for weeks at a time. It was interesting to me because whenever protective styles are mentioned, they are always mentioned in a one size fits all sort of way. For example, a lot of people advocate bunning for retention but there are some people who simply don't retain their length with bunning. Others can't do weaves or braids, while some people (like myself) get the best retention from them. I say all that to say: there is no one size fits all protective style. Because every head of hair is different, they respond differently to protective styles. It's an interesting find that is rarely ever highlighted.

So this Sunday Chat is about what protective styles work for your hair? Which ones have been a complete and utter disaster? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I definitely agree that bunning isn't a one size fits all retention solver. I realized that when I simply bun---I also often forget to moisturize and seal, so my roots and ends take a serious beating from dryness.

    However, when I use low manipulation styles like bantu knots, I have no choice but to carefully detangle and moisturize more frequently.

    Great post!

  2. I'm with you girl! I tried bunning and it was not for me at all! I got breakage in the middle of my hair. Leaving my hair alone works best for me as well. Halfwigs work the best for me because they leave my hair alone and don't mess with my edges.

  3. I'm going to bite the bullet and have box braids installed this week. I'm about 14 weeks post and I am due for a touch up but 1. I'm lazy 2. I don't want to install braids on freshly relaxed hair. 3. I'm bored with my hair and the braids will help 4. It'll also be a big help as I want/need to gym more regularly 5. I also want that wow moment when the braids are taken out, because I know they also work for me regarding retention.

  4. Now that I bun correctly, I can retain length fairly well; however, I really want to go into more of a 'no manipulation' mode with my protective styling and do braids and wigs. I think my hair will thrive being left alone.

  5. I have been wigging it on and off for about a year and loving it. I'm going to install braids next to see how it compares.