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Sunday, April 19, 2015

April (Hair) Musings/Ramblings

Happy Sunday lovelies!

It's a rainy Sunday here in Greenville and since today was my wash day, I have been thinking about the progress of my hair so far. I have had a lot on my mind about things that I want to try, upcoming hair plans, etc and I decided to share them all with you.

1) Weekly protein is a must for my hair. I am noticing that my hair responds so much better with it. My hair hangs on to whatever moisture I give it a lot better. I'm also noticing that my new growth responds well to the added protein too. My hair is super easy to comb through on wash days and forms nice little curls when dry. I also suspect that I am retaining length. As of right now, my hair is drawn up a lot because I am at least 16 weeks post. However, when I stretch my hair a bit, it looks to be around MBL. Only a relaxer and a length check will verify my suspicions. And speaking of relaxers....

2) I have no clue on how long I want to stretch. Initially, the goal was to wait until the first week of May to relax but as of right now, I don't even feel like doing that. I found a hairstyle that I love (twist outs!!) and I know that style looks a lot better on my head with some new growth. Also, I'm thinking about getting box braids (weather is about to heat up....yall know that's traditionally braid season for me). There really wouldn't be a point in getting a relaxer only to get braids. Oh decisions decisions.

3) I'm really starting to wonder how my hair would respond if I used one line exclusively. I know product lines were designed to work together but I'm really interested in seeing if it would benefit my hair. I'm strongly considering using the Komaza line exclusively to see how my hair reacts. My hair adores their protein treatment and I really want to find out if my hair will respond just as positively to other products.

4) It feels good to be back on a weekly hair regimen again. I mean this is self explanatory. However, I'm finding that my hair time provides a break from the hustle and bustle of my daily life. It gives me an outlet that I sorely missed in 2014.

Anyway, that's it! 2015 has been spent getting back into the groove of things and my hair is responding once again. I can't wait to actually do a length check to see what my progress has been so far!

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