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Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm Natural Now! ( And Other Random Updates...) *sorry about photo size!!!*

It has been awhile since I have been here.

But so much has happened over since the last time that I wrote.

When I last left you, I was transitioning. I was pretty much getting through the transition by wigging it up or doing the occasional twist out. Styling my hair during my transitioning stage wasn't the issue ( like so many folks think that it would be). Detangling on wash day was. My relaxed ends loved to tangle and give me grief. As a result, I was prone to leaving my hair alone for long stretches of time. I JUST DIDN'T WANT TO DEAL WITH IT.

* My hair at various stages in my transition*

Fast forward to a random Friday night in February where I began to get really curious about my curl pattern. I knew that my relaxed ends were keeping me from seeing my coils, so I cut them. And kept cutting. After 13 months of transitioning, I did the BC and my hair looked like this:

The picture in the top left corner is my hair the day of my BC

I wasn't immediately comfortable with my texture so I continued to wig for another month. In that time, I began trying new products and really having to figure out what works best for my natural hair. As a relaxed head (and a transitioning head), my hair needed slightly more protein than moisture. However, as a natural, my hair needs more moisture than protein. As a result, my PJism is back in full effect! I love to try new cowashes and deep conditioners because I know that is what my hair adores. By the time March rolled around, I was ready to try my hand at my first wash and go puff:

*The first puff

I absolutely loved it! Plus I got compliments of approval from my 7th grade students (if you've ever been around 7th graders, you know that they can be the most blunt people on Earth!) which felt pretty good. March through May were spent trying to find ways to get the coils in my puff more defined. I found myself doing more cowashing than ever and actually seeing the benefits of doing it (as a relaxed head, I cowashed every now and then but it wasn't the groundbreaking experience that it is now.).

*My puff. My easy breezy go-to style*

Even though I love my wash and go puff, the process to get my coils defined took an hour. A FREAKING HOUR!!! For a wash and go, that is way too long. In June, LHCF introduced me to the Dickey method for wash and go's. This method takes a hot 15 minutes and had my coils POPPIN'! This is a method that I have been using exclusively this month and I can use it to actually wear my hair out. Prior to this method, my hair kinda looked like a mullet ( which is not cute.). So this summer, I've have been wearing my natural hair out more frequently.

There it is!! My hair! Through the course of the past 4 months, I have found out that my hair is primarily 4b, with some 4a sprinkled here and there. It does extraordinarily well with moisture and I can typically get away with just finger detangling my hair. As I am still a newbie, my staple products for my natural hair are still being determined but I can make a list of the products that work for my hair. Wash and go's are my staple because my hair isn't quite the length that I want it to be for twist outs and even though my natural hair makes a fro, it's actually SL when stretched. I am finding that I am once again in an awkward stage....and I am loving every minute of it!


  1. OMG

    CONGRATS chica!!!

    Your curls are beyond gorgeous!!! And YASSSS to that high puff life! It's totally the quintessential curly girl hair style!

    KLP @

  2. your hair looks beautiful love!

  3. Your hair is so thick and lovely, I have never heard of the dickey method for wash n go's - sounds interesting.

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