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Monday, October 19, 2009

Stretching It Out

Lord have mercy it has been awhile! Things have been pretty hectic over here with school (grad school is not a joke) so my hair has been pretty blah: wig, bun, bun, bun,bun, bun, bun, blowout, bun, bun,bun. Anyway, since the weather has cooled some down here, I'm rocking a blowout (didn't know I could do that huh?). My blowout is pretty simple and I do a "quick" blowout. Basically, I don't rollerset and I have to use a LOT of heat protectant and DC with protein based conditioners before I do it. Thus far, I love it! I think I might stretch longer. Apparently, I'm 11 weeks post-relaxer ( I totally forgot and really had to think about that) and I'm not due to relax until the beginning of November. I think I might be able to push it further than that. I'm loving the body my hair has when it's straight and I don't want to forfeit that right now


Oh and I'm using my beloved Fantasia IC heat protectant! Thank goodness! I tried to like Beyond the Zone, I really did. I even used up the whole bottle but I could not stand it!!! I guess that's just the nature of trying stuff out.

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