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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ding Dong The Twists Are Gone!.....and Other Random Things!

Hey everyone!

Well, the twists are out! And not a moment too soon. I found out that I had a lot of nasty product build-up in my hair. If I would have waited to take those twists down, I would have had dreds for sure.

Anyway, I washed and DCed my hair. It felt so good to play in my hair again. I did do some flat ironing to do a length check. If you remember, in March I hit SL and my hair looked like this:

I did my length check and my hair looks like this:

It looks like I am crawling to APL. I kinda figured this would happen. I have a long torso so aiming to be APL by December is probably a good goal for me. Well....until I make APL, protective styling it is...because it obviously does work.

This week I will be phony ponying my heart out. It is entirely too hot outside to wear my hair out. I will probably to the same for the majority of the following week until I get my cornrows (I can't wait!) blow dryer isn't dead after all! The socket in the master bathroom is just acting all janky! YES! Now I can ease up on the search for another blow dryer!

Hmm...yeah well that's about it. Just wanted to update you guys on my progress!


  1. Good progress!!!! Looks like you might even be APL before December!

  2. ^^Thanks! I am hoping I reach APL before Dec. My hair might be slightly longer than what is shown. I was doing a less than stellar job of flat ironing and my hair kept reverting lol.

    I plan on relaxing Aug. or Sept so we shall see what my progress is then!

  3. Crawling....What ???...That is good progress ....March was only 3 months ago.. Your hair is growing at a really good rate

  4. I think you will be there before December as well! Excellent progress and it looks nice and healthy. Like you, I have a long torso, so it SUCKS that it takes me longer to reach a hair goal than others! I swear if I were shorter, my MBL hair would be HL!

  5. @Traycee Thank you for the encouragement and for putting things into perspective! Now that I think about it, March really wasn't that long ago. I guess I was expecting too much given the time period.

    @Age in ATL Thank you! Having a long torso sucks when you're trying to reach a hair goal lol. Thank you so much for the encouragement! :)