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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

These Twists Have GOT To GO!

After 2 months of having these twists in my hair, the time has come to take these suckers out! Typically, I don't keep twists or braids in longer than 2 months anyway.


This weekend (or today), I will start the twist take down process. Initially, I will remove the twists from the center and just continue to wear my hair in a ponytail for the remainder of the week. I find that doing it this way makes for a less frustrating take down process.

I will then wash my hair with my Keracare 1st Lather shampoo (to get rid of any nasty build-up) followed by a wash with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning shampoo. I will DC with ORS Replenishing Conditioner. I will also straighten my hair for a length check. I think I am well on my way to APL but still in between SL and APL. Anyway, since I STILL don't have a blowdryer, I will dry my hair in plaits under a bonnet dryer, apply my beloved Mizani ThermaSmooth serum and straighten with my Sedu flat iron.

I will get my hair cornrowed on June 30th (or July 1st) so that gives my hair ample time to recover and regain strength.

Keep your eyes open for my length check!

1 comment:

  1. I take down braids and twists the same way (from the middle). It's so much easier of a process that way (at least it feels that way...!)

    Can't wait to see your progress from the twists!