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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful.......

....and it's kicking my hair's behind!!

This cold weather is just running a number on my hair and I am on a mission to keep my hair moisturized and happy. To this end, I am trying 2 new things: Shea Butter and Silicon Mix. Although I have been using them a short while, let me tell you about my experiences with them thus far.

1) Silicon Mix

Oh where has this wonderful conditioner been all my life!?!? I deep conditioned with it for an hour on Thursday (even though the directions say leave it on for 2-3min) and my hair felt......AMAZING!! It was so soft, yet strong. Although I can't definitively say that Silicon Mix is specifically a protein condish or a moisturizinf condish, I can say that this conditioner has protein (keratin), ceramides, and glycerin in it. A word of warning though. The second ingredient is mineral oil so if you're trying to avoid mineral oil, this may not be for you. Also, Silicon Mix is pretty heavily scented. I can still smell the scent on my hair and I DCed 3 days ago! All and all though, this is definitely a keeper!

2) Shea Butter

I had to find a thicker moisturizer to use during the winter other than my ORS Carrot Oil (which I primarily use in the summer months). I'm kinda weary about this. Don't get my wrong, I know how awesome shea butter is. However, it is so thick and I don't want to weigh my hair down with it. So, thus far, my experience with shea butter is being taken with baby steps. I basically place a small amount of shea butter in my hands (and when I say small amount, I do mean a small amount!), rub it until it melts, and place it on my hair focusing on my ends. So far, everything is good. My hair feels moisturized for the most part which is what I wanted. More to come on how it actually works for my hair.

Also, since it is winter time and we're all wearing hats and such, remember to either line your hats with silk or satin or wear a silk or satin scarf under your hat. It'll keep your hair from drying out. Also make sure to protect your ends (moisturize and seal or even bun) as they will be rubbing up against some rough fabrics (like wool, for example).

That's all I have for today you guys,

Happy Sunday!


  1. Been wanting to try Silicon Mix for a whiiiile now... another rave is getting my PJ alarms going off lol!!

  2. I too have wanted to try this conditioner in the past. I am not an ingredient snob, so I don't mind using something with mineral oil IF it works. Question: how is the slip? I need something that can help me with stretches, so I need a ton of slip without my hair being coated. Thanks!

  3. @Age in ATL The slip is amazing! hair didn't feel coated at all!! It is no exaggeration to say that my hair felt like butter after DCing with this stuff The good thing about Silicon Mix is that they have smaller sizes so you can try it out without having to buy an elephant ton of the stuff. I definitely say give it a try!

    @love.akihsoy Try it! You know you want to! :peer pressure: lol

  4. I love shea butter, it’s excellent for skin and hair. mine smells great because it is 100% raw, i find that it smells nutty