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Friday, March 25, 2011

Guess Who's Back!

Hey everyone! I'm back with another post!

Well I have to tell you that I took the tree braids out 2 weeks ago. They were starting to wreak havoc on my edges. I'm glad I took them out when I did though..I was starting to get buildup galore on my edges. After going through all that, I think tree braids would be the last braid style that I would recommend to anybody. If you have to get braids, get kinky twists.

I also did a my first length check of the year. I'm slowly getting to BSL. However, I wonder if my bra strap is actually where MBL is. Anyway, let's take a look at the progress from December to March. The top photo is is the most recent photo while the bottom one is my update from December.

You can see my hair starting to even out a bit which is great. I can't wait until I reach my final goal of MBL. Maybe I can get there by the end of this year. Who knows? :)


  1. wow your hair has gotten so long!!! goodness!!

  2. Hi Soror,

    Your hair is gorgeous! I'm curious, has you hair ever been this long before and what has been the reaction from your family and longtime friends?

    Life in a Shoe

  3. Yay, you finally update. Your hair looks good:D

  4. @Life in a Shoe Thanks! :)

    My hair has never been this long. I believe it was at APL when I got my first relaxer at age 12 but that was quickly cut to SL...and that's where it stayed lol. My family and friends are stunned by it. My mom sees how much time I put into my hair and is amazed by it. Others in my family, however, contend that I have "good hair" and that's why it grows o_O So I guess you can say the reactions have been mixed

    @Amirini and Anonymous Thanks! :)

  5. WOW! AWESOME progress! You will be BSL by mid summer at the rate you are going! Good job! I have the same issue with the bra strap. Mine sits lower on my back because I have a long toro! I wish there were other length indicators, but for now, I just go with it.

  6. @Age in ATL Thanks! :) I guess BSB (below shoulder blade) would be a better indicator b/c bra strap lengths vary so much. I am definitely looking forward to my next length check. If I could make BSL and MBL before this year is out, that would be great!