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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Year 3: A Reflection

March 2011 marks my 3rd year of my healthy hair journey. To say that this journey has been nothing but amazing would be an understatement. I've watched my hair grow to the longest length it has ever been and I'm finding myself to be the go-to person amongst my family and friends for hair care.

This was not my initial goal. Way back in 2008, I just wanted a solution for my dry hair and a way to keep my hair from breaking so much. Back then, I couldn't imagine my hair getting close to BSL, but yet here I am. :)

Looking back, I've learned so much but I admit that I don't know everything. I've never had hair this long so that comes with a new set of rules for maintenance. This summer, I'm learning how to make it through w/o braids. Shoot, I'm still learning what products work and when.

However, I am excited what the next year will bring and to see if I will reach my ultimate goal of MBL (anything beyond that would be too much for me to care for). Thank all of you for taking this journey with me. Hopefully my experiences, have been of help to you in your journey. :)

Happy Tuesday you guys!

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  1. Fabulous, I hope I'll be able to say the same in 2 years. Your journey's definitely inspired me. Keep up the good work!