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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Bunnin'

...and that was my corny attempt at referencing the movie 'Grease' (one of my favorite musicals, by the way lol).

As you guys know, this is my first summer since the start of my hair journey where I have not used braids (extensions). At this point in the game, I feel that my hair is too long for braids w/ extensions...and I've seen what they do in those braiding shops. I've seen how they pull out scissors to make the style look neater :side eye: All I know is, if someone cuts my hair they're gonna get drop kicked.

Anyway, I've been doing the bunning thing for awhile and there has definitely been a learning curve. I've recently figured out that high buns are not for me :sad face: Trust me you guys. I've tried it so many times! However, my nape consistently says "eff yo' bun!' and decides to just be out while my edges say "You may have slicked us down but we ain't gonna stay that way." The end result of all of that? I look like a 5 year old who has been out playing all day. Being that I'll be 26 in August....I don't think that is a good look.

Today, I finally found use for the banana clips I had laying around in my bathroom (for some reason I have tons of hair toys laying around that I never use). What'd I use it for? A bun!!! So far I like it. It makes my bun look fuller and not so...meh. I also like that fact that with a banana clip breakage becomes less of an issue (as compared to using a hair tie). I'm being a wee bit creative though and I left a section (I guess you can call it a bang) out, braided it, and it shall be a braid out bang! I'll post pics tomorrow so yall can see what I did.

I will say that bunning has drastically simplified my regimen. Currently, I wash and deep condition at least once a week (sometimes more since I'm slowly easing my way back into the gym). I then air dry and put my hair into a bun. I use Shea Moisture products to moisturize, when needed. That's it. Easy as pie! It's definitely a good thing since I'm trying to hold back on my relaxer (currently 10 weeks post) until the weather cools down. I just don't see the point of relaxing my hair when I'm constantly gonna wear it up. We'll see how long that lasts though.

Well I've rambled enough for one night. I'll be back tomorrow with pics!


  1. Girrrrl, you are preaching to the choir about braid shops!! I learned to do my own kinky twists so I can keep my edges and not get my hair snipped.

  2. LOL I wish I knew how to do my own kinky twists! That would definitely save some money but braiding is just something that is beyond me!

    About those braid shops, I almost came to blows with a braider once b/c she pulled out some scissors talking about "I'm just trying to make it look neat." I'm sitting there like "how do you know you're not cutting my hair? how do you know it's the synthetic hair you're cutting?" I was between SL and APL at the time so I know it's gonna be a problem if they try that mess now lol