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Friday, June 3, 2011

I am a Braidout Queen!!

...well not really lol

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe I actually have free time to post something today (I have been incredibly busy-and stressed- trying to get this thesis proposal together)! Anyway, this past week I started doing braidouts. Why it took me so long to do them, I have no idea. All I know is, it dawned on me that my hair is actually long enough to do them. Check it out:

Pretty cool huh? That is actually the second braid out that I have done. The first one was quite tragic. I pretty much learned the hard way that really shouldn't mess with the braid out too much. Doesn't turn out good. Not at all. Once I figured that out, it has been smooth sailing. Braidouts are a low/lowered manipulation style. I just braid my hair at night and undo in the morning. No combing or anything!

Since I know you're dying to know what products I used and how I did it, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you.

1) I separate my hair into 6 sections.
2) To each section, I apply Shea Moisture Curl and Style Conditioning Milk (just enough to moisturize it but not enough to weigh my hair down).
3) I braid my hair so that I end up with 6 plaits.
4) Place stain rollers at the end so my ends aren't straight
5) Spray Shea Organics Hold and Shine Moisture Mist (just a little).

In the morning, I undo the plaits with a little bit of oil (I mainly place the oil on my ends) adjust my hair so that I can get a headband on and head out the door! Easy peasy! I haven't noticed any breakage (I'm guessing that's because I'm basically moisturizing and sealing every night) and it allows me to enjoy my hair!


  1. Gorgeous! The waves look so soft and natural actually! Love it!

  2. This is only your second attempt?! Girl, you did an amazing job! I have been wanting to try a braidout but I am scared that my hair would tangle and dry out in the GA heat/humidity. Does your hair dry out towards the middle of the day? Have you experienced any tangling? I would love to try one, but I don't know how my MBL/texlaxed hair would react! Thanks for posting!

  3. @EbonyCPrincess Thanks! :)

    @Age in ATL Thanks! I'm finding that my hair doesn't dry out. I think that the moisturizer I use is really geared toward natural hair ladies but it provides more than enough moisture for my hair. I was actually worried that my hair would get weighed down over the course of the week lol I say you should try doing a braid out! Just be sure to find a moisturizer that works for your hair. If GA heat/humidity is anything like AL, you should be fine :)

  4. Hi Sharday,
    Quick question. So now that you wearing your hair down more, has it effected the health of your hair, ends, etc? I see you got more overall length (lucky you!). I should reach full APL in early fall and I would LOVE to give the buns and Southern Tease a rest.
    Life in a Shoe

  5. @ Life in a Shoe The answer to your question is: it depends. I'm noticing that when I wear my hair in a straightened style, I have more breakage, split ends etc. I really think that's due to the heat usage (I tend to blow dry and flat iron) and the frequency (heat 1 time a month? fine. 4 times a month? Ehhhh). I also manipulate my hair more via wrapping when my hair is straight. However, if my hair is out and curly (via bantu knot out, braid out, etc) there is considerably less breakage. My hair isn't rubbing against my clothing b/c it's curly, I'm not using heat, I moisturize my hair frequently (esp when my hair is in a braid out), and I'm not manipulating it as much. So for me, if I'm gonna wear my hair out (w/ no damage to my ends), it has to be in a curly state.

  6. Thanks for the fast reply and please ignore the grammatical error in my last note. LOL!

    LIA Shoe