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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My 'Tammy' Half Wig Regimen

Happy Sunday!! Can you believe the end of the weekend is upon us already!?

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post, since I'm half wigging it up for awhile, I thought it would be a good idea to detail my regimen for each wig I wear. That way, you can see how I'm wearing my hair underneath the wig, how I'm styling the hair that I leave out to blend with the wig, and how I'm caring for the wig when it isn't on my head.

So, let's get to it!

After I'm done washing and DCing my hair, I put my hair into four plaits (leaving out a section of hair for blending). Using bobby pins, I then pin my hair up (as you can see):

I then style the leave out. Since Tammy has a crimped sort of look, I place crimpers on my hair (that's what those red things are). Here's a look of them 'head on':

And another look:

I find the the crimpers give a very nice (heat-less) way of getting crimps.

Anyway, when I put Tammy on, I place my wig cap on my braids and leave the crimped part out. I put the wig on, pull on the edges a bit to bring them up (and to cover the wig cap), and secure with long bobby pins.

Once I do that, I then blend the leave out, making sure to cover the 'seam' where my hair and the wig meet. To do this, I take a bit of the leave out hair to cover the seam and secure with hair pins (Note: Notice that I said hair pins. Bobby pins give too tight of a clamp for this). To finish, I brush the rest of the leave out to the side to make it look like a shorter layer

That's it!! Tammy is really easy to blend though. Also, on days where I don't feel like blending, I just use a headband to cover the seam. Easy as pie!!

When I take off my wig for the day, I use a paddle brush to get rid of any tangles (Note: I love Tammy and all BUT she has a tendency to get tangled around the nape) and spray with a wig conditioning spray ( the kind I use costs around $3 at the BSS). I use a softer brush to distribute the spray throughout the wig. I then cover the wig w/ the hair net it came in and hang it up (usually on the doorknob on my bathroom door. What? I live alone. I can do those sorts of things. #dontjudgeme).

*Roundup of products I use: hair crimper, DeMert Wig Conditioning Spray, long bobby pins, hair pins, and paddle brush*

Whew! I know it was a long post but I really just wanted to show you guys how I work with Tammy. Hopefully it will give you guys some ideas or encourage you to venture into half wig territory (*nudges those who may be on the edge*). I absolutely love Tammy and I always get the most compliments when I'm wearing her. I'll most likely get another Tammy wig soon ( I've had this one since April).

Anyway, what do you think?


  1. The blending between Tammy and your hair is flawless!

    I'm on the edge... I've been nudged... off to look at pretty half wigs because I know once winter hits, I'm not going to be too enthusiastic about my hair.

  2. Those crimpers are such a good idea. I'm going to dust off my ryler stylers.

  3. @Jenijen Thank you!! :)

    Half wigs are definitely the way to go! They are low maintenance and still allows you access to your hair. So far, I'm finding that curlier styles are the easiest to work with and blend.

    @My Healthy Hair Journey The crimpers definitely allow for a more uniform crimp and they match Tammy perfectly. Definitely give them a go!

  4. I think you nudged me over the edge, especailly since Outre half-wigs are now available and cheaper in the new BSS where I live :)

  5. @Texlaxed & Things YES!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of half wigging it up! You'll love it! :)

  6. I have a similar regimen for my spiral curl wig I can't think of her name lol but I roll my leave out hair in spirals with perm rods & let air dry!

    And on lazy days I just cover the seam with a braided headband! It's pretty!

    Tammy looks so natural on you, I love it!!!!!!

  7. @Anything Hair Thank you!

    I plan to do what you do when I switch wigs and wear a more spiral/curly style!

  8. where did you buy those crimpers

    1. I purchased them from my local beauty supply store

  9. Nice blending! I already have Tammy, but I'm still lacking confidence in my blending game. This is making me think I can do it, though! I'm definitely going to give Tammy a try, soon.

    1. Thanks!! Tammy is one of the easiest half wigs to rock. You don't even need a lot of hair to leave out. Usually what I do with Tammy when I'm feeling lazy is to rock it w/ a headband to eliminate any blending worries.