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Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Fall 2011 Regimen

Happy Sunday lovelies!!

Can you believe that it's September already!?! Now is the time when the weather cools down, leaves change color, and we begin our slow march towards winter. If you're hair obsessed like I am, this time of year marks a change in regimen as well.

During the summer, I have more freedom in the types of products I use simply because it is so humid here that my hair will be ok moisture-wise no matter what I do to it. However, once autumn hits, I really have to be on top of my moisture game.

As per usual, I will continue to wash (w/ my beloved Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo) and DC once a week. I will DC with Aubrey Organics GPB or with Aubrey Organics White Camellia. Following the wash and DC, I will apply Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave in (I really need to do a review on that because I really love that product) along with a little Qhemet Biologics AOHC.

See, no major changes right?


Right now I'm about sick of bunning my hair everyday. It's just too much work ( or maybe I'm just lazy). So, I'm going to be styling my hair in a way that requires minimal effort from me. At first I thought about weaving it up but that is just a lot of money. I mean, I have to drop major bucks just to get the hair (of course I want hair that is of good quality) for the weave, then drop money to get it installed? No sir. Forget that. Then I decided that I can just wear half wigs. And that's exactly what I will be doing.

So following the wash and DC, I will make 4 plaits in my hair (I could make 2 french braids but that requires me to blow dry my hair first and I really don't want to bombard my hair with heat every week) and pin those plaits to my hair. I will leave a little bit of hair out for my half wigs.

The half wigs I have currently are Outre Tammy, Outre Monica, FreeTress Creta Girl, and FreeTress Samara Girl. I plan on also purchasing FreeTress Toronto Girl and any other wig that tickles my fancy. Since I don't want to get too excessive with the switching up w/ the wigs, I will wear one wig for 4 weeks, then switch up. Currently, I'm wearing Tammy. For my leave out, I use these crimpers by Annie (I purchased them for like $2 at my local BSS):

I find that the crimp is similar to the wig and really helps with the blending. If the crimpers look kinda suspect to you, you can always just braid the leave out and mimic the texture that way. As always, I will not sleep in the wig and I do not keep it on if I am not leaving my apartment. In October, I will switch the wigs up for a different look.

That's it for now. Have you ladies begun thinking about your Fall regimen? What changes are you making to your regimen?


  1. Never seen or heard of crimpers before, would love to see how the crimps your hair.

  2. Those crimpers are new...!

    I also would like to see the crimp on your hair, it seems like a cool idea!

    As for changes for the fall/winter, I will be putting my hair into hiding shortly (getting a sew-in) and try to keep it hidden at least until the end of the year...