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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bun of the Week/ Bun Idea #4: Skinny Headband Bun

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Happy Tuesday lovelies! I'm back with this weeks bun look! The look for this week is super easy and is on trend with what is going on of course!

A big trend this spring are hair styles that utilize an accessory that I'm sure all of us have in our arsenal- a skinny headband. Personally, I have quite a few of these babies laying around the house. I use them whenever I'm wearing a braid out or bantu knot out (keeps the hair off of my face). Now, however, I have an excuse to wear them with a bun! This hair style was one that caught my eye as I was thumbing through a recent issue of Glamour magazine.

This week, my hair is similar to what you see in the above pic. I air dried my hair and basically formed a loose bun (that was secured with Goody Spin Pins...not a hair tie!), placed the headband on, and teased the crown for some volume. It is a super easy style! I honestly think this style would look even cuter on hair that is on it's last legs of a braid out, twist out, or any other kind of -out. I think it will give a very casual/cool style. This style is definitely a good one for ladies who are SL and beyond!

A few shots of me with the style:


  1. i'm SO into headbands right now...its actually a bit ridiculous. But its been making bunning and updos SO much more fun!

  2. This is actually how I wear all of my buns. I go buy the black elastic headbands with the no-slip strip. Placing these types of headbands on air dried hair doesn't even require teasing, it smoothes my edges and leaves volume in my crown.

  3. My buns lately have been so boring. I'm in a bun-rut. I need more headbands in my life. I love skinny headbands, they're simple but cute!

  4. love this bun i`m NL so i can rock this, since i got a lot of NG its full, thanks for the idea. M.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you love the bun! :)