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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wash Day 10/20/12 Or "Why I Stopped Doing Flexirod Sets In The First Place"

Happy Sunday lovelies!

I hope all of you are having a great day thus far. Right now, I'm currently in lab but I have some down time to update this here blog (I know, exciting right?).

Yesterday was my wash day. This particular was day was different because I decided to actually *DO* something to my hair. Any other wash day typically ends with my hair air drying in a ponytail or bun only to be placed in a bun. Not this time! I was going to enjoy my hair! Since I straightened my hair last week and really didn't feel like going through that whole process again, I decided to flexirod my hair.

Now, the last time I flexirod set my hair was AGES ago! I had to be SL the last time I did a set but since I have the large rods, I figured that I can give the rod set a go. As per usual, I washed my hair with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo. I then slathered on some ORS Replenishing Conditioner and steamed my hair for 30 minutes. Then I began to flexirod my hair.

Here is what I used:

I used Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave In leave in (lol). I then sectioned my hair into 4 sections and then sectioned those sections into 3 sections. For each of the smaller sections, I saturated my hair with Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz. Typically, when I do flexirod sets, I like to use products that will provide hold but won't make my hair crunchy. So, if I didn't have any Spiral Spritz available, I would have used a super diluted setting lotion (foam, doesn't matter). Anyway, I then place end papers on my ends (some people don't do this, though) and proceeded to put the rods in my hair. In total, I used about 17 flexirods and it took me around 20 minutes to set my hair.

After that, I got under my dryer. That raggedy behind Conair.

Then I remembered why I stopped doing rod sets.

I hate that damn dryer.

I sat under that thing for 2 hours. 2 HOURS Y'ALL!! And my hair still wasn't dry. There were some sections that were. But the back? Nah they weren't dry. In fact, there is a section in the back that still isn't dry as I type this. The rods around the perimeter of my hair? Nope. 2 hours and it was like nothing happened. I had to eventually get from under the dryer because I eventually blew a fuse and figured it was a wrap for that. So I went to bed. Woke up. And got back under the dryer this morning.

Long story short, my hair ain't completely dry but I didn't have all day to sit under the dryer...I have things to do. However, I realized that I stop doing flexirods because the dry time is ridiculous! I just don't have 2 days to etch out just to dry my hair! It's time for a new dryer man smh.

However, I do have pics of the sections that are dry:

Now, I am not going to leave my hair like that! I still have to separate my curls but will do that tomorrow before I head to lab.

Anyway, what did you do to your hair this weekend?


  1. Wow that is ridicules how long you had to sit!!! My weekend didn't any better as I was on a mission to find my staple conditioner! Which I still haven't!!!

  2. what size are those flexi rods? i am interested in purchasing that exact size. i feel your pain about long bouts under the dryer. the longer you are growing your hair out, the longer it seems like we are staying under the dryer, lol.

  3. You crack me up "that raggedy behind dryer" - I feel you though! If I didn't have my current dryer, no WAY would I be doing roller & rod sets as often as I do. Noooooo way.

  4. 2 hours! For real? I couldn't have done it. I think I would have air dried. I finally bought a standing dryer from Sally's. Watch out for sales.