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Monday, November 12, 2012

My Hair is Straightened..Now What?

Happy Monday lovelies!

I have to let you guys know off the bat that my posting will be kind of spotty for awhile (hopefully no longer than a week). My laptop died after 4 years of faithful service this past weekend. So now, I have to wait until I go home to get one. Therefore, my posting will be based on when and if I can get to a computer.

Now that we got that out of the way....

Y'all know how it is when you get your hair straightened. Your hair is flowing in the wind. You're slangin it every which way...y'know whippin your hurr back and forth.

And you do this for a day or two. Maybe even four. Then it happens.

Your hair begins to revert. If your hair is anything like mine, this reversion begins in the center of your head at the roots. As a result, your hair as a little volume to it. Maybe a little too much considering that the rest of your hair is bone straight. I don't know about you but I don't like looking like an extra from Dynasty or Dallas (the 80s one, not the recent one)

So what do you do?!? WHAT DO YOU DO!?

Well, one option may be to run to you flat iron and 'touch up' those roots. However, this option may not be the best in the long run. Repeatedly putting too much heat on your hair? No es bueno. You gotta learn how to work with your rebelling hair. Your hair isn't gonna be straight all the time. Thems the breaks. However, I do understand that you may not be ready to hide your hair in a bun. Sometimes, you just want to wear your hair out for a week or two. Trust me, I get it.

So what are your options?

1) Bantu knot out...kinda

Something I do once my hair begins to revert is to put my hair in 2 or 4 large bantu knots (the number depends on how curly I want my hair) before I go to bed at night. In the morning, I unravel them, creating a bantu knot out of loose curls. I find that when I do this, it gives me a few extra days to wear my hair out. Also, this is a good option for the ladies that work out. Put your hair into bantu knots prior to your workout session and you still have a cute style afterwards. However, this may not work if you sweat in your hair a lot. In which case, I don't know what to say about that. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram (sweetesttaboo85), you saw this style on me late last week. I absolutely loved it!

2) Flexriod set it

Another option for generating curls if you don't mind sleeping on flexirods. For this, I typically apply a little moisturizer, find the largest flexirods I can find, and commence to rolling my hair. For this I typically have no more than 6 flexirods in my hair since sleeping in them is a pain in my behind. However, this again gives you some more wear out of your hair as it goes about its reversion process. Remove the flexirods in the morning, fluff your hair, and be on your way!

3) Braidout

If you somehow wound up straightening your hair during the summer (or even during the winter), doing a braidout on reverting hair is a great option as well. Again, it allows you to mask those reverting roots while giving you a cute summery hairstyle.

That's it. Those are the three styling options I cycle through before I decide to put my hair in a bun or a Gibson tuck or whatever until my next wash day. They still allow you to wear your hair, gives your hair a little variety, and allows you to enjoy your hair!

Do you have any ways to extend your blowout that I missed? I would love to hear them!!


  1. How about a caruso steam roller set? Always a nice heat free option!

    1. You are absolutely right about that! I've never tried steam rollers but I have seen so many people get great results from them!