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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wig Review: Model Model Mint Slice

Happy Hump Day lovelies!

Well, I am back yall! I finally got a new laptop and now I don't feel so...naked anymore (#firstworldproblems). Anyway, I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did. I wound up going home to VA and went on a wig shopping spree. I finding that now that I am using more heat on my hair, I have to trim it more (I had my hair trimmed in September...then really had to do it again in November---no bueno). And I don't like that. So, I figure I'm gonna pump that breaks on the heat styling for a bit. I have a conference to attend in the middle of December and I'll probably straighten my hair then. And when I say straighten, I mean rollerset.

Anyway, I love going home to VA because I am able to get wigs that I would otherwise have to order online. Three beauty supply stores that are up the street from my mother's house carry Outre, Model Model, Bobbi, Boss, etc. As you guys can guess, I tend to go a little wig crazy when I go home. This trip, I purchased three wigs: Model Model Super Mingo, Model Model Mint Slice, and FreeTress London Girl. For the time being, I am wearing Model Model Mint Slice.

Model Model Mint Slice is a half wig that can also be worn as a ponytail (if that's what you choose to do).True to this function, Mint Slice has 3 combs: one lonnnnnnng comb in the front and two smaller combs in the back. However, it also has a drawstring in the back for tightening the wig a bit or wearing it as a ponytail. Mint Slice is a synthetic half wig and heat cannot be used on it. I purchased Mint Slice in color 1B and found that it is pretty much true to color. The style of the wig reminds me of FreeTress Samara Girl but only with a looser texture and slightly more layered. This hair has a lot of volume and is very long (the wig is layered but the longest length is MBL-ish) which means that this wig is a lot of hair! However, it definitely makes me feel very diva-esque.

While I like this wig, I really don't like the fact that this wig tangles easily! You have to be very careful in separating the curls or else you'll get a frizzy, tangly mess. For this reason alone, I don't see this wig lasting longer than a month with everyday wear. This wig is also pretty snug so for those who have bigger heads and they may find this wig uncomfortable. However, I do like that it is easy to blend. I simply straightened a small section of my bangs an proceeded to blend. If you're looking for a heat free way to blend, simply setting your hair on some perm rods will do the trick.

Bottom Line: Model Model Mint Slice is a decent half wig for the price ($25). I think that this would be an excellent wig for half wig newbies to wear since it is so easy to blend. However,I see it more as a special occasion wig rather than an every day wig. Either way, give Mint Slice a chance. You won't be disappointed.


  1. The wig looks very good on you, I like it a whole lot!

  2. I really have a hard time with half wigs that have a lot of bulk at the bottom - initially I'll be like OMG its so pretty, but like you said eventually I'll realize its more for special occasions! Girl. I soooooooooo feel your pain about a new computer, now I'm like OMG I have to get all my programs again! Like you said, we are soooo spoiled, but man I felt so put out having to go to the library

    1. Lol yeah. Every day wigs tend to have a certain look to them. I know as soon as I put a wig on if it is better for every day or special occasions.

      Oh, I HATED having to go to the library to use the computer. It just felt so wrong!! I'm just glad to have a laptop again!

  3. This wig is BOMB!!! I agree I would wear it out to parties, date nights ect...not grocery shopping, are errand running lol, but I love me some diva hair girl!! WERK!!!!

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