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Friday, January 25, 2013

Girl, Have You Tried?: KeraCare Oil Sheen with Humidity Block

The Girl, Have You Tried? series of The Awkward Stage highlights products that I am currently loving right now. It's not a full's just a brief blurb about a product that I have tried, currently use and love . :)

Another product I use in my quest to keep my hair straight post straightening (as you can see, since I have been straightening, all of my products center around it!). KeraCare Oil Sheen with Humidity Block is an oil sheen much like any other oil sheen. But the difference with this oil sheen and others is that this one keeps your hair from reverting! I spray this on my hair every morning (well...not directly on my hair. I typically make an oil sheen cloud and run my head through it) and head out the door. And it works! A few weeks ago, it was raining ridiculous amounts here and Birmingham and (get this!) my hair was still straight for days! The only drawback for this product is that the first ingredient is mineral oil. So if you are currently avoiding mineral oil and mineral oil based products (or -cones for that matter), this may not be the product for you. For me, this product ( in combination with other anti-humectants I use) makes the battle against frizz and reversion easily won!

Want to check it out?
Purchase it at your local BSS (if they carry it) or your local Ulta

Have you tried it? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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