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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Impressions: Hairveda Whipped Creme Ends Hydration

Hey lovelies!! As of late, I have been all about maintaining my hair's moisture/protein balance. As a result, I have been on the hunt for a great moisturizer for my hair. My search led me to Hairveda Whipped Creme Ends Hydration. For those not familiar, Hairveda is a online company that has been around since 2007 and makes great Ayurvedic hair care products. Their products are also silicone, perservative, and paraben free, which is a plus for those seeking to avoid those ingredients in their hair care products. In the early days of my hair journey, I was a fan of their Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner. I swear that stuff definitely made my hair sing! In my opinion, Hairveda is definitely a solid hair care line.

With that said, let's get to the review:

Price: $8.00+$6.95 flat rate shipping for 9oz/ $15.20+$6.95 flat rate shipping for 18oz (both can be purchased at

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Ricinus Communis ( Castor Oil), Sweet Almond Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter),Ceteryl Alcohol, Steryl Alcohol, Sunflower Oil, Allantoin, Isopropryl Palmitate, Emulsifying wax.

Their Claims (per the website):
Creamy, good for types 3-4 hair. May require oil for sealing. Works well for baggying.
To get the most out of this product: use as a leave in, use with baggy method, use when styling or braiding.

Their Claims (per the bottle): " Got dry hair? Whipped Creme moisturizes and softens hair, especially dry ends. Great for a leave in and daily use. It's rich with water, shea butter,and castor oil which helps hair reach its potential."

I have primarily used Hairveda Whipped Creme Ends Hydration as a leave in and as a styling aid when I plait my hair to go underneath a wig. I have to say that Ends Hydration didn't particularly wow me as a detangler (yes, I tried to use it as a detangler lol). It didn't really detangle much. However, as a leave in? Man oh man. After using it, my hair felt moisturized and cool to the touch for DAYS!! To say that my hair loved it as a leave in would be an understatement. I'm not entirely surprised that my hair liked it because my hair loved the previous Hairveda product I used. I also use this product on the hair I leave out for my wig and again, my hair stayed nice and supple. A definite plus in my book. I have yet to use this product for baggying but I intend to do so once my hair is relaxed.

How Whipped Ends looks straight out of the bottle

In appearance, Ends Hydration is white and is very creamy. For ladies who may have coarser hair (like I do), you will absolutely love this. I think that finer haired ladies will have to take care not to use too much of Ends Hydration as it may weigh their hair down. Ends Hydration also has a yummy candy-like, sweet scent which I absolutely love. However, if you are sensitive to scents you may want to pass on this product. Overall, the appearance and the scent get a thumbs up from me.

The only drawback to this product ( the Hairveda line in general) is that shipping takes FOREVER! From placing the order to actually receiving the product will take at LEAST 2 weeks. I think that this lag in shipping is due to the fact that the owner makes each order by hand. So with this line you definitely have to plan for this. If Hairveda has any product in their line that is a staple for you, you need to either a) order multiple bottles at once so that you have that product in stock for awhile b) re-order your favorite product at least 3 weeks before you really, really need it or c) order a deluxe size (if available). Ordering a product a week before you need it is simply not an option with this line. One thing I did like about Hairveda is the handwritten 'thank you' from the owner on my receipt. I think it added a nice personal touch to my order and made me forget that I was chomping at the bit for weeks waiting to receive my order. :)

Additionally, Ends Hydration does contain glycerin and shea butter so if your hair is sensitive to either of these ingredients, steer clear.

Bottom Line:
A great leave in and a great moisturizer. True to its name, this product is definitely creamy and smells great! Because this line tends to ship a little slower, you definitely have to plan your purchases well in advance so that you will have the product when you need it. However, the care that the owner puts into making a great product more than makes up for it. If you're feeling bold, definitely give this product a go!


  1. During her next sale, I plan to scoop some of the Sitrinillah up. I have heard nothing but good reviews on it. I have also heard about those shipment times. Great review.

  2. As always I love your reviews, in fact I recently found myself calling stuff "first impressions" like you. I don't have a "staple" leave in so I may give this one a try, thanks for sharing!

  3. I have tried this moisturizer back in 2007. I actually liked it, but I do have fine hair so it weighed my hair down. I really the sweet smell. I may give it another try and not be heavy handed this time around.