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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Look of the Day (7/23/13): Box Braid Up-do

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

Well it's another rainy and stormy day here in B'ham and I am back with yet another look for the day. I'm finding that box braids are more versatile than I initially thought them to be. In the past, I would either wear my braids down or in a ponytail....not too much variability at all. This go 'round, however, I am having more fun with braids and styling them in the most random of ways. Although I tend to change up styles frequently (I get bored easily), I hope that it can help some of you guys who have or plan on getting box braids in terms of styling. I also hope you guys see that you don't have to have the extra long braids in order to have a cute style.

Yesterday, as I was perusing Youtube, I came across this video for a box braid updo posted by The Kris Bliss. I figured that my hair was long enough to replicate the I did. I'm liking this style so's edgy and CUTE!! I just may keep this style in for a few days.

Check it out!

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