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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cross Wrapping=Fail

I attempted to cross wrap the other day.

I have been on my hair journey for a while now and I have heard how regular wrapping puts so much stress on your hair and blah blah blah. So, I decided to cross wrap. Now my hair isn't insanely long.....I mean the longest part of my hair is neck length....and my hair is layered. Either way I thought it would be enough to work with.

Anyway, before I got ready for bed one night, I parted my hair right down the middle (like I was making ponytails). I grabbed one side and began clipping it back. I did the same thing with the other side. I then covered my hair with my mesh wrap thing, removed the clips, and put my bonnet on. When I woke up the next hair was the flattest thing you have ever seen!! I wound up having to pull out the flat iron just to get some "bump" in my hair! Ooooo! I was so mad!

So lesson learned. At this length, I can't cross wrap. It just doesn't work for me. Maybe when my hair begins to touch shoulder length I will try it again.


  1. So what do you do at night? Rollers? A bun? This is an important question for me, because I am getting ready to relax my tex'd-fro. Since I started over last year with a BC, I've never really tried to style short, relaxed hair in a healthy manner. I used to be Queen of the Curling Iron.

  2. I just wrap it the regular way now that my hair is longer. When it was shorter (way back when I first cut it), I just put on a wrap strip (to make sure the back laid down) and put a bonnet on top of that.

    Since your hair is shorter, you might feel like you have to use heat so you can keep the style. If you do this, make sure you use a flat iron and heat protectant (every time!). Also, during this time you might want to up you deep conditioning treatments. When my hair was shorter and I was using heat frequently, I deep conditioned at least 2 times a week, alternating between moisture and protein.I also used a protein leave in conditioner. I didn't have any breakage doing this. Just know that you can style short, relaxed hair in a healthy manner. HTH!