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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Since Starting My Journey

I have been on my hair journey for a while now (a year and a half to be exact) and I have noticed something. I am so leery of hairstylists now. It's gotten progressively worse for me. Let me give you some examples

* I won't get my hair braided
Why? The last time I got my hair kinky twisted, they were pulling my hair so tight, braiding so hard, and ripping a rattail comb through my hair--even when I asked them to stop. I kept mentally apologizing to my hair, praying that it wouldn't break off. I haven't had my hair braided since.

*I don't think I'm going back to my stylist
Why? Last time I got my hair relaxed there, the relaxer began to burn. When I brought it to their attention, they asked if I wanted to keep it on longer. Uh hello? I just said that this chemical you put on my hair is starting to burn! Wash it out!

What about you? Have you become more leery of stylists since starting your journey?


  1. Yes i have. In fact i have been self relaxing since the start of my hair journey in feb. 2009. Now, I am going back to a hairstylist for my next touch-up because its the longest stretch i've done i don't want to underprocess.. but boy am i trying to prepare myself for the worst. the funny thing is.. most of the people who are close to me are always telling me to stop doing my own hair and just go to the stylist.. how ye of little faith. lol

  2. @OffdaShoulda I totally understand girl!! It's like the further I get into this journey, I don't want any one else touching my hair. Plus, I tend to be very observant so I notice all kinds of tomfoolery going on at the salon. smh.