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Friday, October 8, 2010

I Guess It's True What They Say.....

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a little free time before class so I figure I'd stop by with my musing of the day. Ever since I've hit APL and I have folks falling over themselves about my hair, I just feel like my hair isn't very long. I know---crazy right? Before I hit this hair length, I thought APL was long and couldn't wait to reach that length. In fact, I thought folks were crazy for thinking that their BSL hair wasn't that long. I guess I now understand how some folks can get hair anorexia. I figure it has a lot to do with me always being in my hair and watching its growth. Perhaps it's so easy to get caught up in the care and maintenance of your hair that it is difficult to see the progress that you have made. I dunno. Just a thought.

Anyway, on the hair front, I have been bunning a lot. Nothing major. I'll probably straighten my hair again this weekend and wear it out for this weekend only then go back to bunning. I'm definitely gonna have to do a good protein DC in preparation for that. I'm so glad that I can enjoy my hair a little bit more :)

Oh and here's a shot of me from earlier this week (Tuesday I think) and my attempt at a side bun lol

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