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Monday, October 4, 2010

Look of the Day (10/4/2010): Looped Bun

So I notice that I talk about protective styling all the time but I rarely (if ever) post the protective styles I wear on a day to day basis. I figure I should get on the ball with that. I realize that I have folks who read the blog who may be at a standstill with protective styling.

Anyway, since I straightened my hair Friday, my hair is straight. I wore it out Saturday and that was a wrap for that. I play in my hair too much to keep it out all the time and even though I have reached APL, I'm not full APL. I would like to get there by December and me getting a big head about my hair now will only result in a setback.

Today, my hair is in a fairly simple style because I woke up late (that darn snooze button!!) and had to get out of apartment as quickly as possible. All I did was gather my hair into a ponytail, loop it around and secure it with bobby pins. That's it. Took all of 5min.

Here are a couple of shots:

Very simple, very chic in less than 5 minutes. Hopefully I'll wake up early enough tomorrow to do something with a lil more oomph.