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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time for Something New....Time for Something Different

I was sitting in my apartment last night, playing in my hair. I had relaxed it on Friday ( 1 week ahead of schedule) and was loving the length. However, I felt like something was missing. Like it was lacking a little....oomph.

Did I want to color it? Nah. I wanted to cut it. But....I've been working so long and so hard for the length I have now, I couldn't bear to part with it. So want did I want to do to my hair? BANGS!!! I want BANGS!!

Now mind you, I have always done the little side swoop thing so getting bangs is stepping out of the box for me. Anyway, today after church, I went to Head Start Hair Care and got my bangs for the grand total of.....$7.00.

Check 'em out:

They make me feel a little more grown...more vampy.....more something. So far I am loving them!!


  1. Cute!!!!!! I love the fact that your hair is pretty much the same length in the front as it is in the back (not filled with layers like me!!)!!!

  2. I LOVE the bangs! They look amazing on you..I have been toying with the idea myself.

  3. @Age in ATL Thank you! You should totally get bangs! I think it can definitely change your look up and give you something different!

    @love.akihsoy Thanks! Yeah my hair is mostly all one length now that I have gotten the bangs. It's crazy how that works!