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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Hair: We Have To Look Good To Play Sports Now?

Happy Sunday lovelies!

This Sunday chat is coming in a little late this evening. I had to pretty much work a full day in lab today so my time wasn't my own. But I'm here now! :throws confetti and smiles:

So today's Sunday chat has been prompted not only by the whole Gabby Douglas hair debacle during the Olympics but just the criticism of female athletes hair while they are actively competing. Honestly y'all, I don't understand the criticism. However, I may be looking at things from a different viewpoint.

When I was growing up, softball was my sport. It was a sport I absolutely loved. I loved playing the game, being on the field, everything. Aside from cheerleading, softball is probably the only sport that brought me joy (SN: I am the black sheep in a family full of basketball players. I understand the game completely but I wouldn't play it even if you paid me). While I played many positions in softball, my main position was catcher. So not only did I have my uniform on, I had that hot behind catchers gear on too--which unearthed a whole 'nother set of problems. Looking back, however, my hair was the LEAST of my worries. Like my teammates, my main concern was was fitting my hair underneath my cap and keeping out of my face (read: I put my hair into a ponytail). Being cute just didn't register when we were practicing and trying to win games. And if someone would have told me my hair looked jank whilst playing a sport, I would have hit them with the blank stare because I looked no different than my teammates.

So when did having great hair become a requisite for playing a sport? Why does it even matter? These questions cross my mind every time I read an article about sports and hair or even open a thread on a certain hair board where folks are clowning an athlete's hair. I would think that given the context, that falls last on the list of priorities. Additionally, it makes me sad to see that the bulk of the commentary coming from African American women. I feel that commentary like that adds to the stereotype that we would rather be overweight w/ banging hair than healthy w/ so-so hair.

Anyway, what are your thoughts about this? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Well, I do understand the criticism of Gabby's hair in a way. This is prob an UNPOPULAR opinion but even on magazine covers, the interview on the Tonight Show next to First Lady Obama, and Oprah's Next Chapter - her hair isn't exactly "done". But, to be real had in not been for the insulting criticism, I prob wouldn't give it another thought because there are two types of female athletes: the girlie kind and the kind that really don't care as long as it looks neat. I feel like the fact that when you Google that child's name the fact that info about her hair comes up right alongside her Olympic accomplishments is really nuts. Iono, I guess overall I feel like "we" should have kept our thoughts to ourselves...even if a person DOES feel her hair looks crazy. She's only 16! Definitely a lesson learned in social media IMO, I'm going to even be more careful of making "jokes" about stuff like that.