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Monday, January 11, 2010

Caring for Cornrows

When my hair is braided, I follow the simplest regimen ever. I don't do a heck of a lot but it gets the job done.

....and here it goes:

1) Clean scalp (and braids, if necessary) with ORS Herbal Cleanse** at least 1x week
2) Spray braids with leave in conditioner (sometimes I use Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave In. Right now I use Giovanni Vitapro Fusion Leave in)

Sometimes I might....
3) Oil scalp with coconut oil (I really have to be in the mood to do this though)

That is it. Simple isn't it!?! I followed this regimen when I had micros and when I had kinky twists. My hair definitely loved the little manipulation and the care that I showed to it.

Since it is winter, I will have to wear a hat when I go out so I will most likely cover my braids with a satin scarf, then cover with the hat so I don't get breakage.


  1. Hey Sharday,
    I came across your blog about 2 days ago and I've been reading it ever since.
    I wanted to know how much healthier did your hair get when you was doing this and did you have any breakage.

    - Raven

    P.S.: I am also relaxed and I am currently 20 weeks post and I would like to stay that coming across your blog is really educating me for my hair journey.

    1. Hi Raven! Thanks for reading my blog!

      I have to say that keeping my hair in cornrows and other braided styles b/c I was keeping heat off of my hair (which was my biggest vice before my hair journey). If anything, I saw that my hair became thicker v. seeing any length gains The key thing to remember that with any braided style, you still have to take care of your hair (keep it moisturized!!).
      I didn't see any breakage when my hair was braided. I have found that for most ppl the majority of breakage occurs during takedown so make sure to detangle your hair (while it is loaded with conditioner...don't detangle dry hair and detangle w/ a wide tooth comb!) BEFORE you go to wash it! Other than that, everything w/ braids is easy breezy! :)