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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What A Difference A Year Makes....

January 29, 2010 marked exactly one year since I cut my hair! Ladies I have made so much progress since then! I thought it would be fun to take you guys through my journey since then and tell you the story behind it. When I cut my hair, my hair was this length:

I had cut my hair that length in November to give my crown a chance to catch up with the rest of my hair (when I started my journey in March 08, my crown had broken off pretty badly). Anyway, back to Jan 29, 2009, I had been thinking about cutting my hair that whole day. Finally, that afternoon, I had made an appointment with my stylist to cut my hair--that day.

I go into the shop and tell the stylist what I wanted. I got my touch up and sat in my stylist's chair. She asked me one last time if I was sure I wanted to cut my hair. I replied "yes" and my stylist got to cutting. As she started to cut, the shop got dead quiet. So quiet that you can hear a rat pee on soft cotton. I looked up and everyone in the shop was watching the stylist cut my hair. I commented "Boy, it sure is quiet in here" That's when the flood of comments came in. I heard everything from "I don't know why you want to cut all that hair" to "I'm trying to get my hair back to the point where she was, and she's cutting it." Whatever. I didn't care. Hair grows back. I walked out the shop with this cut:

My year of growth has been marked with remarkable progress (as you ladies know)! By December, my hair was grazing SL (my longest layer). I have surpassed my original length by leaps and bounds!

I am excited to see where my hair journey takes me and what lengths I will achieve!

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