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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Why Do You Wear Wigs When You Have All That Hair?"

...or "Confessions of a Protective Styler"

I had went to the beauty supply store yesterday to purchase a wig. I am about 12 weeks post relaxer right now and don't want to relax my hair just yet. So, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase another, longer wig since the only wig I have currently is really short. As I'm trying on a wig, another customer comes up to me and asks me about my hair (apparently she had be looking at my hair since I entered the store). She asks if it is all mine (yes) and who does it (me). She then asked why I wear wigs when I have all that hair (her words, not mine). Secretly, I have a real catty response for questions like that but I just replied "I wanted to try a different style for awhile."

I don't know if I like having to justify my protective styles you guys. Part of me is flattered by the the questions and the compliments but the other part of me is like...leave me alone (lol). I guess this is something that I will have to go through until I make it past SL (I'm getting there slowly but surely). I will post pics of the new wig later on when I get home!

ETA: took a pic with my camera phone. Kinda fuzzy but y'all get the idea!


  1. Funny! I get the same questions from my husband when he sees me rocking my weave. He doesn't get that the weave is helping me reach a certain point in length, he just thinks that weave, (or wigs for that matter) are for bald-headed women. Go figure.

  2. Yeah, you're totally right. Why is there an issue with women who wear fake hair? I mean, I'm okay with my wife wearing those African American wigs. So what? Actually, for me, she really shines when she wears them. She's not that good in managing her own hair, so she uses wigs to hide that problem. So don't worry Sharday, you're not alone. Keep wearing 'em.