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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Freetress Drawstring Full Cap Creta Girl (and Me)

I have to admit it. I have been a little full of myself lately. I've been wearing my hair out, flinging it all know basically enjoying my hair. Well, in all that enjoyment I forgot that I am still trying to reach length goals. I also forgot that it was about to get here and I'm really not gonna be in the mood to do anything to my hair. I didn't want to bun and I needed a new protective style.

Enter the half wig.

I spent half the night last night looking up half wig tutorials on YouTube and looking for recommendations for half wigs that are universally flattering and easy to work with. I ordered Outre Tammy and Outre Monica from then proceeded to pick up Creta Girl (number 2) from my local BSS.

I paid about $23 plus tax for Creta Girl. Creta is a synthetic half wig that can also be worn as a ponytail. Surprisingly, the hair is very soft. It's also very very curly and very very big (which I love!). Like most half wigs, there is a long comb in the front of the wig and 2 smalled combs in the back. There is also a drawstring (again, this is if you want to wear it as a ponytail).

What's my verdict? I LOVE IT!!! I have gotten so many compliments on it so far and it doesn't look like an obvious wig. I don't know why I didn't try half wigs before but I am so glad I did!

Tell me what you Creta Girl a yay or a nay?


  1. It's definitely yay! Looks realistic , could easily be your real hair!