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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perhaps I Overreacted....

Yesterday I posted about an anti-climatic relaxer day. I was a wee bit disappointed that I wasn't the length I expected to be. However, as I looked at my progress pics from March to April, I realized that progress had been made.

Yes, my hair is gaining in length as I am inching closer to BSL. However, I found that the majority of my progress can be seen in the fact that the rest of my hair is catching up to my longest length (hence the perfect U shape!). My hair is basically trying to even itself out! My hair has really been growing in this pattern for my entire journey. The longest length would grow, the rest of my hair would play catch up, then the cycle would repeat again.

So what's the moral of the story? This hair journey isn't just about gaining wonderful lengths. There is a bigger picture involved. It really is about learning about your hair, how it grows, and what makes it happy. I was thisclose to feeling discouraged but once I took stock of my hair's progress, I realize that I have made great strides.

Now you guys tell me: Have you guys ever felt discouraged in your hair journey? How did you overcome it?

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  1. I feel discouraged AAALLLL the time... I guess the best thing is like you said: look at the big picture.

    I find that looking at pictures from the very beginning of my journey and seeing how far I've come always helps to cheer me up...