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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Watched Pot Never Boils...

I just had the most anti-climatic relaxer day ever.

I relaxed my hair yesterday after a 15 week stretch (since 20+ week stretches are not for me)using Mizani Butter Blends.After going through all the motions of getting a relaxer, I expected to be grazing BSL by now but wound up at pretty much the same length as seen in my March update. o_O

All things considered though, my hair is still thick and healthy. It's also taking on a distinct U shape which I think is kind of neat. In the meantime, however, I'm still half wigging it up and will probably do so until September or so. Anyway, here are the comparison shots. The top photo is the newest update and the bottom is the March 2011 update:

I guess if I keep trying to track my progress, I'm never gonna see growth as fast as I want to. I'm gonna have to keep my hair hidden for a bit so I don't get frustrated trying to reach this hair goal. I guess it is true what they say...a watched pot never boils.


  1. Girl true dat, just like a 'watched phone never rings'.. your hair looks very healthy! that's always a plus over length anyday!

  2. @tjohnson I agree! I'd rather have healthy hair over long hair that looks raggedy. Another plus is that I figured out how my hair grows. I'm about to make a post talking about it!