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Friday, April 15, 2011

That Relaxer Itch, Half Wigs, and Overall Rambling

Happy Friday everyone!

I was thisclose to relaxing this weekend. I'm about 14 weeks and 4 days post, trying to stretch to 16 weeks. I wound up not relaxing because I got 2 new half wigs so I figure that will keep me from relaxing for another week or so (which is exactly what I need!). However, after washing and DCing my hair last night, I know I cannot go past 16 weeks. My hair has so much new growth, it's starting to look like a lion's mane lol. So, I can't relax now but it's gonna happen soon.

On to the half wigs...

Last weekend, I ordered 2 half wigs from (awesome site to order from by the way!): Outre Tammy and Outre Monica (color 1B). They are synthetic, fairly inexpensive and they run about $17.99 each. Right now, I'm trying out Tammy and I *LOVE* her! The hair is very soft for it to be synthetic and the style of the hair reminds me of a braidout. It has 2 combs (one in the front and one in the back) and fits securely on my head. There is also a drawstring in the back so there is no excuse as to why this bad boy can't be secured. I had a hard time blending it (that's more b/c of my hair, it's a COMPLETELY different texture than that of the wig right now....I really really need a relaxer). I'm basically wearing Tammy with a headband right now but, I think you relaxed ladies should have no problems with blending. It's definitely perfect for half wig newbies. Check Tammy out (please excuse my makeupless face! lol)!

I think Tammy is a perfect everyday half wig. It's divatastic but not too divatastic! As you can see, I'm becoming a big fan of half wigs. As someone who doesn't like to manipulate her hair too much or use a lot of heat, half wigs are perfect. I can still get to my hair too-which is awesome. I also think this would be a good transitioning hairstyle for those ladies who are considering that.

I have yet to try out seems more like a going out half wig than anything. Trust me though, as soon as I try her guys are gonna hear about it!

What do you guys think? Would you try Tammy out?


  1. It's official, I'm buying Tammi!

    Great post, as always!!

  2. Thanks! :)

    And girl, don't just get 1, get 2!! Tammy is quickly becoming an everyday wig for me and I wish I would have gotten 2!