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Monday, May 23, 2011

Musings of a Sleepy Girl....

It has been about a week or so since I last updated this thing. I was meaning to but last week, I was just extremely tired for some reason. I would come home 'nap' and wake up around 9pm or 10pm. The post is just random things that are going on and some random thoughts I've had during the week. Now keep in mind, that are absolutely random. Don't expect any logic to them whatsoever lol

1) My french braids are getting better! :D I've been rocking my Tammy half-wig for awhile now and I pretty much keep my hair in two french braids underneath. Now let me tell you, my braids have come a looooooooong way from where I started (meaning: my first set of french braids were really really sloppy). Now, they are much better but you can still tell where my hands got tired-usually on the second braid. I'm finding that I really have to take my time with these particular braids.

2) My hair feels...meh. I need to wash it but this past weekend was not my own. I was in meetings followed by social events..I just haven't found the time. My hair still feels pretty moisturized for the most part but I know I need to wash it and soon.

3) One n' Only Argan Oil is awesome! I'm gonna have to do a product review for it but for now, just know that it's awesomeness.

and finally (and this is totally non hair related)

5) I don't like that Beyonce song. I don't care if her performance was good at the Billboard Awards, that song is still suck-tastic. There I said it.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. you missed number 4. im assuming that you purposefully missed number 4 to be funny because you are a "sleepy girl."