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Saturday, May 14, 2011

This Can't Be Possible....Right?

Hey everyone!

I hope you guys are having a awesome weekend! Mine has been pretty busy but I thought I'd pop in with a not so random musing of mine.

Last night, I washed and DCed my hair (and actually found that I have to wash and DC my hair in sections-just so all of my hair gets product on it). I then straightened it for this meeting I had to attend (Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama Annual Meeting). For kicks, I wanted to see what my hair progress was...if any. I did a length check on April 19th so I didn't expect much from my hair. However, this is what I saw:

Now if you recall, in April after my relaxer my hair looked like this:

I didn't adjust my bra any differently and I'm not hitting the gangsta lean (lol) to make my hair look longer. I'm just flummoxed. Is it possible to have that kind of retention in 3 weeks? Granted, I bun and half wig (shoot my hair is back in a bun now!) a lot but I wouldn't expect this kind of progress so soon.

Y'all weigh in and tell me what you think!


  1. definitely retained every inch..congrats!!

  2. @Best Tressed Thanks! :) I just felt like I was hallucinating or something for a moment lol I just needed to confirm it!

  3. GO ON GIRL!!! It looks SO freakin nice!!! Thanks for the bun spin video too, I think I got the general idea...still not sure if its a must have for me yet tho!

  4. @EbonyCPrincess Thanks! :) I'm glad the bun spiral vid was helpful! I really wanted it to be as clear as possible since that wasn't gonna happen w/ a pic tutorial LOL I definitely say wait and figure out if it's a must have esp if your hair is longer b/c a spin pin can do the same thing!

  5. oh there is some serious retention and growth happening that is for sure. I am glad that your reggie is working out for you! Keep it up!
    When my hair grows up I want it to be just like yours! (smile)
    Have a good day!