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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Return to My Beloved: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

Happy Hump Day!

The mercury is rising here in Alabama (90 degree weather anyone?) and um....I don't feel like going through the motions of straightening my hair. I just really don't feel like it. So the way I see it, this summer is about to be a huge break from heat for my hair. All right, enough with this rambling.

I've started co-washing again (and right on time too since I plan on getting back on a workout schedule sometime this month) and after months and months of not using it, I used my HE Hello Hydration conditioner. I love everything about this conditioner from its smell to the way it moisturizes my hair (and my hair is a serious moisture junkie). I have no clue why I abandoned it to use that Aussie Moist stuff. It just doesn't compare. <3

I just wanted to share my love for this product with you guys. I guess that's the good thing about staple products. You can stray and try new/different products but you can always come back to what works...and this works! :)

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