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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Awkward Stage's Top 3 Half Wigs for the Half Wig Newbie

Happy Thursday yall!! :D

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that half wigs are my favorite protective style of choice. They just seem like the logical choice when my new growth is growing out of control.

While I have been on the wig train for quite some time, I do remember being new to half wigs an all the fears that came with that. You don't want the wig to look too 'wiggy' (too shiny, rough texture, etc.) and (this was my biggest worry) you don't want the seam of the half wig to show! These things can make someone shy away from half wigs and I totally get it.

That's why I'm here with my recommendations for good 'starter' half wigs. These wigs will not only familiarize you with the whole half wig process BUT they will give you the confidence to rock these half wigs and know that you look fly fresh to death jazzy.

My criteria for the top 3 half wigs for beginners is based on the following:

1) Blendability (yeah I know I made up a word LOL). These wigs have to be super easy for you to blend. If you can do something as simple as throw a headband on to blend or leave out a little bit of hair and brush it back, it is a good beginner wig in my book. Something that is easy and breezy, is the best starter half wig in my opinion.

2) Style. This may be my personal preference but I think half wigs with a curly sort of style to them are the best half wigs to start with. Wigs that have that straight yaki look can be a headache because you spend most of your time trying to make sure your '___weeks post' leave out blends into that wig just so. And it's frustrating. And who has that kind of time? If you can do a mini braid out on your leave out or set it on some perm rods, you increase your blendability ten fold. And we all want to make the blending process easy right? Right!

3) Day to Day Wear. I don't know if yall know this but...I love big diva like hair. I LOVE it yall. It just makes me feel so...diva. So of course, I have no problems wearing big hair. I'ont care. However, I know that everybody isn't like that and they want something that is a little bit more low key and more of an everyday wig. So for this point, I take the style/volume of the wig into account and I also determine how easy it tangles. A wig may work for everyday wear but no one wants a wig that tangles if you stare at it too hard.

Now that we have that out of the way: my top 3 newbie wigs.

1) Outre Tammy

I have to say that Tammy is my favorite half wig of all time. OF ALL TIME! This wig looks like hair that is growing out of my scalp and I get compliments on this wig every time I wear it. If I were restricted to wearing this one half wig for the rest of my life, I wouldn't e'em be mad. That is how much I love this wig. From the style (like a nice, voluminous braidout) to the texture (soft!) this wig is just amazing and I will always recommend this wig as a starting point for living the half wig life style. As you can see from the pics, this wig looks good when you take the time to blend your hair into it (for my hair, I use crimpers that match Tammy's style perfectly) or when you wear a headband with it (so for those who aren't entirely comfortable with blending yet, this is a great crutch!). It holds up pretty well as long as you take care of it and doesn't tangle much (just a little around that nape but that can be easily brushed out). I can't stress enough that this is the perfect wig for beginners!

I have more in depth reviews of Outre Tammy here and here

2) Outre Yasmine

I have reviewed Yasmine here. I find that Yasmine is very easy to blend (just leave out a bit of your hair and bump the ends a bit) and is an excellent day to day wig. Yasmine is not a huge diva like wig and is perfect for day to day wear, especially in the summer.

3) Model Model Super Mingo

Super Mingo is like Tammy lite. Really this should have been Roman number i under #1 but :shrugs: While I love Tammy, some people may find it to be a little bit too much hair. Super Mingo, in my opinon, is a scaled down looser textured Tammy and is just as easy to blend. I left out a tiny bit of my bangs, straightened, and bumped them and my hair just MELTED into the rest of the wig. I truly love this wig is it is fast becoming one of my faves.

Stay tuned for my in depth review of this wig!

Runner up:

Outre Sabina--When I turned my mom on to half wigs, this was the first wig she bought and as a newbie she loved it. She left some of her hair out, straightened and bumped it and was able to blend her hair in effortlessly. It's a wig to try but because I haven't tried it yet, it didn't make it onto the list.

That's my top 3! If you haven't tried these wigs, I suggest you go out and do so today! Right now! You'll be glad you did and you'll wonder what you were so scared of in the first place!


  1. I want to try Tammy out soooo bad!!!! I keep saying I'm gonna get one and I never do -___-

  2. Hi! I would like to nominate your wonderful blog for a Liebster Award! Check out the details on my blog:

    I had a lot of fun doing mine and I hope you do as well! HHJ
    Forgive me if you have already been nominated sis!

  3. I'm going to see if I can find that Tammy... I've bought a half wig before and it didn't work out but that's before I found all of these wonderful blog pots/videos ..I want to give it another shot.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. I just love the Yasmine wig. You looking so nice wearing this wig. It is best for everyday use. wigs can help improve your appearance and it looks very natural. They can make you look younger than your age. I always like to try different type of stylish wigs and buy them from the online wig store Elevate Styles. I am going to buy Yasmine wig very soon.

  5. Try outre Lilly,(I think its outre) this is my favorite one. I had one that lasted about a year and then I cut it to shoulder length and it still looked good. Now I bought a second one. The texture is not "soft" per say but it has these cute curls that you dont have to brush or mess with. I would wash and they would bounce back like so.