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Monday, August 17, 2009

How I Wet Wrap....

Happy Monday Ladies!!

Well it's been a crazy weekend/start of the week for me! Unfortunately I haven't had time to do my wet wrap tutorial as promised. However, I have conducted an extensive Youtube search and found videos that can best illustrate what I am talking about. Before I get into the videos, this is what I do for my wet wrap:

My products/tools:
Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll
Wrap strips
Jilbere Shower Comb

1) Wash and deep condition hair
2) Once DC is washed out, I apply my leave in and Fantasia IC Frizz Buster
3) I distribute foam wrap lotion (quite a bit) throughout my hair
4) Begin to wrap hair
5) Once hair is wrapped, tie down with wrap strip and air dry or use hair dryer.

You may notice that the video talks about using duckbill clips. I don't use them when I wrap but feel free to use them.

Also, if your hair is short enough, you may want to just slick your hair straight back and tie down with a wrap strip instead of wrapping it. It saves time and may be a bit easier!

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