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Monday, August 17, 2009

Short Hair Frustration (and how to overcome it!)

I've been thinking.

I frequent a lot of hair boards and forums. This is true. On a daily basis I read about the trials and tribulations of going on a healthy hair journey. Everybody has them. However, I have noticed a lot of girls experiencing Short Hair Frustration. I'm sure you have all been there. Your hair cut was bangin' when you first got it but now it seems like your hair isn't long enough or you can't do anything with your hair. The frustration wants to make you leave your hair alone and not deal with it. The feeling may last minutes, hours or days. So how do you overcome that feeling? Well, let me tell you how:

Find hair goals outside of length

Yeah. That's it. Find a hair goal that doesn't have to do with length. When I first got my haircut, my goal was to be able to grab my shorter hair pieces with no problems or issues. Let me tell you, when I reached that goal I was thrilled! It may have been a minor goal but when I reached it, I felt like it was a huge accomplishment and it encouraged me to keep going. My next goal was to be able to wrap my hair. I just now reached that goal and, as you saw, I was excited about that too.

The point is, find a goal that you want to reach. Do you want healthier hair? Thicker hair? Whatever it is, that just may be the encouragement you need to keep going in this healthy hair journey!

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