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Monday, August 24, 2009

Should I Be Letting You Even Touch My Hair?

I was thinking this exact thought as I was sitting in my stylists chair 3 weeks ago. Her and another stylist were chatting about their time in cosmetology school. Ok, no problem right? Wrong! So wrong! Both stylists were talking about their mutual dislike of the actual classes that they needed to take. According to them "they already knew how to do hair." Now correct me if I'm wrong, don't those classes include the things necessary for hair care (e.g.--understanding the chemistry of hair). I mean aren't those things important too? That conversation was one that I just didn't need to hear. I am already hesitant about letting other people touch my hair ( I'm gentle with my hair, I can't be too sure about how other folks will handle it).

I dunno, should I be freaking out about this? My first instinct is to go ahead, bite the bullet and learn how self- relax. I already take care of my hair the majority of the time (I only go to the salon for relaxers). At least I know my hair is healthy and I know that I won't strip the ever lovin' life out of my hair. It will also be helpful in the future when I decide to relocate (no frantic stylist hunt lol).

Have any of you experienced this?


  1. I would definitely suggest learning to self relax. It isn't as hard as people think and it gets easier each time. I always suggest having a friend help you since you don't have a good view of the back of your head. If you can't find anyone, try relaxing your hair in sections:
    Just do some research and if you feel comfortable, go for it! Here is an excellent article that may help:
    While there are some excellent beauticians out there, I feel more comfortable having control of my own hair. You can save so much money and time learning to relax your own hair. HTH!

  2. I feel the same way you do! I just feel more comfortable doing my hair. Every time I go into a salon I find myself mentally apologizing to my hair every time they comb too hard or put some product on it that I know I would never use. I'm not due for my next relaxer until November sometime so that gives me plenty of time to start doing my research. Of course I'll post how that turns out!

  3. I feel you on the hair apologies (LOL)! I literally and visually cringe everytime a fine tooth comb goes through my hair. I can hear my hair screaming (or is that ME??) and when they break out the hand-held blow dryer..I almost lose it (I HATE hand helds). And after ALL that abuse, I never really am satisfied with my hair style! I knew then, that I had to learn to do my own hair. I have heard way too many horror stories about stylists being in a rush and not properly neutralizing the hair. My cousin had that happen and the next day, her hair was coming out in globs..The only reason I go to salons is for a hair cut for layers. If I could do that myself, I would never set foot in a salon!