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Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank God You Can't Eff Up a Flexirod Set...

Le sigh.

I went to a hair salon to actually get my hair styled for the first time in a long time yesterday. I wanted to share in a girls day out w/ my mother and her friend so I figured I get a rod set.

And I regret it.

Lawd, I saw everything from people who don't need relaxers at this moment in time getting relaxers pulled through the entire length of their hair to the shampoo girl being entirely too rough with folks hair. I saw combing from root to tip with a small tooth comb, too. Basically, everything that could be done incorrectly-was. And don't get me started on the condition of some of the hair tools. SMH.

The poor hair care practices that I witnessed in that salon was enough to keep me away from salons. No one in that shop had hair past NL and if they are frequenting that salon I understand why. Oh and don't get me started on what their advice for weave care was ("come to me every month or so and I'll wash and style it for you"). I am just disgusted.

So for the rant but I've been holding that in since yesterday.


  1. LOL. I stopped going to the salon after a new "stylist" tried to spray my hair with water before relaxing. I really should of stopped a long time before that. Some of these people should never be allowed to touch anyones hair but their own.

  2. Shoot not even their own hair!! I just couldn't believe my eyes at all the poor hair care practices by so called professionals smh

  3. LMBO! That was funny and so, so sad..there are some salons that truly do encourage healthy hair practices, but unfortunately, they are the minority. It is all about styling the hair rather than the health of it. I know how you felt! I went to a salon about 6 months ago with my friend and my skin was literally crawling at what I saw..using half a bottle of spritz to set a style, teasing the crap out of the hair and then smoothing it over with a fine tooth comb, blow drying dripping wet hair..I had to take my hair outside and comfort it as I heard it crying over the atrocities that it saw.

  4. smh. thank GOD all salons aren't created equally. but...on another note, where are the pics from the set?!?!

  5. @EbonyCPrincess I need to amend my post b/c apparently you can eff up a rod set!! My set lasted all of 2 days before I had to pull out a banana clip and make a ponytail b/c my curls had fallen. I have done sets on my own that are way better and last longer!

    @Age in ATL Finding a salon that practices good hair practices is like finding a need in a haystack. I am really convinced that people just have no clue what they are doing. After my experience though, it's gonna be a cold day before I step back in a salon to get my hair styled.