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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Art of Blowdrying (It's Really Not That Tricky)

The weekend I had the urge to wear my hair straight for a day or two. Crazy right? What's even crazier is that I decided to straighten my myself....after being out in the sun for the better part of the day. Can you say tired!?

Anyway, I am learning that there is an art to blowdrying your hair. Back when I was younger and didn't know any better, I would blow dry my hair using a regular blow dryer (not a ceramic/tourmaline one) with a comb attachment that you can pick up at Wally World. I wouldn't detangle my hair beforehand thinking that the comb attachment will do the job and I definitely didn't put any product in my hair. I can't tell you have many comb attachments I have broken using that method.

The end result of all that poor hair styling? Big, poofy blow dried hair. I looked like Alex the Lion from Madgascar.

I never really quite knew what to do with my hair after those blow drying sessions. SMH.

Well thank goodness for knowledge!

I found that proper blowdrying consists of 3 things:

1) the correct tools

2) the correct products

3) the correct technique

On Saturday, after washing and DCing my hair, I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today (moisturizing leave in), Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructrizer (I spray this on my hair whenever I'm using heat), and One N Only Argan Oil (heat protectant) to my hair. I then proceeded to blow dry my hair w/ my FHI blowdryer using the method that Salon Cabelo describes (yes with the Denman brush and everything):

The result? Non poofy, non cottonball like hair. If I wasn't trying to go for a bone straight look, I could have stopped at the blow drying.

The point of this horrendously long post is this: when blow drying your hair it is important to have the right tools. However, it's equally important to use the right products for you hair (I know for me I have to have a great leave in and a great heat protectant. Otherwise you can forget it) as well as a great technique. Once you get those three things in a magical, glitter driven configuration-you will have perfect blow drying results every time! :)


  1. Loooverley! LOL Looks great! I skip leave in and use heat protectant and serum.

  2. Thank you! :) I wish I could skip the leave in (I tried to skip it out of pure dee laziness once). My hair just can't deal with that and will poof up smh