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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Art of Blowdrying (It's Really Not That Tricky)

The weekend I had the urge to wear my hair straight for a day or two. Crazy right? What's even crazier is that I decided to straighten my myself....after being out in the sun for the better part of the day. Can you say tired!?

Anyway, I am learning that there is an art to blowdrying your hair. Back when I was younger and didn't know any better, I would blow dry my hair using a regular blow dryer (not a ceramic/tourmaline one) with a comb attachment that you can pick up at Wally World. I wouldn't detangle my hair beforehand thinking that the comb attachment will do the job and I definitely didn't put any product in my hair. I can't tell you have many comb attachments I have broken using that method.

The end result of all that poor hair styling? Big, poofy blow dried hair. I looked like Alex the Lion from Madgascar.

I never really quite knew what to do with my hair after those blow drying sessions. SMH.

Well thank goodness for knowledge!

I found that proper blowdrying consists of 3 things:

1) the correct tools

2) the correct products

3) the correct technique

On Saturday, after washing and DCing my hair, I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today (moisturizing leave in), Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructrizer (I spray this on my hair whenever I'm using heat), and One N Only Argan Oil (heat protectant) to my hair. I then proceeded to blow dry my hair w/ my FHI blowdryer using the method that Salon Cabelo describes (yes with the Denman brush and everything):

The result? Non poofy, non cottonball like hair. If I wasn't trying to go for a bone straight look, I could have stopped at the blow drying.

The point of this horrendously long post is this: when blow drying your hair it is important to have the right tools. However, it's equally important to use the right products for you hair (I know for me I have to have a great leave in and a great heat protectant. Otherwise you can forget it) as well as a great technique. Once you get those three things in a magical, glitter driven configuration-you will have perfect blow drying results every time! :)


  1. Loooverley! LOL Looks great! I skip leave in and use heat protectant and serum.

  2. Thank you! :) I wish I could skip the leave in (I tried to skip it out of pure dee laziness once). My hair just can't deal with that and will poof up smh

  3. Your hair came out very sleek.